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Project Description

This is a fork of Omar's Insert Code plugin found at It addresses the issue of publishing to Wordpress.

Why a fork

- I have added Inline CSS styling of keywords and strings rather than adding a <style>tags at the bottom. Wordpress does not accept <style> tags and only CSS gets rendered. So I removed the "Embed Stylesheet" altogether, making publishing of code easier.

Road Map

- Syntax Highlighting for more languages like CoffeeScript, Less/CSS, Sass, TypeScript, C, C++, Java, Ruby and Python

- Fixing line number generation. Currently it outputs <pre>, which messes up code readability by adding more margin between two code lines (happens with some wordpress themes).

- More options to set background, foreground and fonts in the "Insert Code" form

- Add Intellisense to code-editing textbox.

- Real-Time Syntax Highlighting rather than waiting for the timer tick.

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